The Alien Attack Drone is a small achievement vehicle that was added in the last "Alien Invasion" update. To unlock it, you must complete the Alien Overlord mission by shooting down the alien spaceship with 3 hits. It cannot be unlocked in the casino even though it appears there.

IMG 2288

The Alien Attack Drone.

Appearance Edit

It is one of the smallest vehicles in the game, which has major disadvantages. It has three tiny wheels on the bottom, along with two laser guns on the sides that shoot rapidly. The driver sits in the middle of the drone.

Pros Edit

  • It has two guns, one on either side.

Cons Edit

  • It is extremely small.
  • It has terrible control and handling.
  • It has almost no traction.
  • It usually flips over by itself.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Big Vehicles (Tank, Monster Truck etc.) Can Not Be Killed By The Lasers.

Trivia Edit

  • It is playable in the mission Home Alone and Prototype.
  • It is the enemy CPU in the missions Alien Overload, Space Battle, Martian Christmas, Space Ace, and UFO Spotting.
  • It, along with Shredder, Space Bike, Santa's Sleigh, Saw Bike, Monster Cannon, Snowball Cannon, Compensator Bike, and the Firework Truck are achievement reward vehicles.
  • It is the smallest shooting vehicle in the game.
  • In Version 1.15, the Alien Attack Drone shot both laser beams to the right. In most cases, this leads to the player shooting themselves, leading to a quick death. It was patched in Version 1.16.
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