Description Edit

The Amphibian is a relatively small-sized car shaped like a boat. It is one of the only cars (apart from Gunboat, Hovercraft and Sharkmobile) that can float on water and is quite slow. However, in water it is relatively quick. It was added in the first version of Drive Ahead.

Strategies Edit

Choosing the Amphibian on a map like Swimming Lesson and just camping in the water is quite effective. If you are on a map with a water-type Sudden Death , if you can survive until the Sudden Death you are pretty much guaranteed a win. Just dodge the meteors!

Unlock Edit

The Amphibian can be unlocked using the casino .

Pros Edit

  • Can float on water.
  • Fast in water

Cons Edit

  • Sometimes, your enemies strike you before you place yourself in water (Sudden Death).
  • It has very poor maneuverability on land.
  • Head is poorly protected in the back.
  • In some cases the motor will scrape the floor, causing slower speed.

Gallery Edit


The Amphibian in water.