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The Antique F1 is a vehicle in Drive Ahead. Like a lot of vehicles in the game, it can be unlocked from the Slot Machine.

Appearance Edit

The Antique F1 is a small vehicle. It has two little wheels underneath it. It's width makes the driver sonewhat harder to hit from the front since he sits further back. A circle with the number 1 inside can be seen near the front.

Pros Edit

  • Extremely high speed.
  • Small size can help to dodge enemies
  • Does very good flips and tricks.
  • High acceleration.
  • Either wheel can be used as a hook.

Cons Edit

  • Sometimes being small won't help (especially against vehicles like Monster Truck)
  • Driver's head is not very well protected from any direction
  • It is small

Trivia Edit

  • It is only one of two "Antique" vehicles in the game, the other being Antique Automobile.
  • It is playable in the mission Doomball.

Gallery Edit