Cold Cave is a map released for Drive Ahead! for Version 1.15, the 2015 Christmas update.

Description Edit

The Cold Cave map is one of an icy, arctic appearance. Both drivers spawn in the cave, with a pointed appendage between them in the centre of the map. Above this point is a gap in the ice which leads outside the cave. Sloped geound lies at either end of the gap, of which Stage Objects frequently spawn and slide down to the cave's entrance. Directly underneath the gap beneath the ground is an ice platform that floats on water; during Sudden Death when the water rises, the platform rises with it, providing a way out of the Cold Cave.

Trivia Edit

  • When Sudden Death begins in this map, the rising flood is delayed for a few seconds.
    • Also, the platform in the middle floats on the water, allowing the player to escape the cave.

Gallery Edit

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