Game Modes Edit

Game modes are different ways a player can play a game in Drive Ahead!. Currently Drive Ahead! has three different game modes (four if you count 2P) available: Classic, Mission and King of the Hill. All are available in 1P (single-player), however Classic is in both 1P and 2P.

Classic (Singleplayer) Edit

Classic is the only mode that is available in both 1P (single-player) and 2P (2 player). Classic Singleplayer is a 1v1 match between a player and a CPU (computer programmer unit) where one must hit the other driver in the head to earn a point. The first to five points is the winner.

When a short period of time has passed, a countdown will begin, once it has ended, a sudden death match will begin. A sudden death match is where a certain obstacle (varies between maps) will slowly cover the whole map until one driver remains.


Classic Match

Mission Edit

Mission mode gives specific challenges for the player to complete under specified conditions, with a reward of coins if completed. Mission mode is the only mode which doesn't allow the player to view the vehicle select screen regardless of the mission.

King of the Hill Edit

King of the Hill acts similar to a survival mode, the player must defeat as many opponents as they can before they are defeated. Opponents spawn after certain time periods, with a maximum of three opponents on the field at a time. Sudden death matches occur quicker in King of the Hill but can be delayed when an opponent is defeated.


King of the Hill Match

Classic 2P customize menu

2P Menu

Classic (2 Player) Edit

Similar to Classic Singleplayer mode, Classic 2 Player mode is a game mode where you compete against a real-life opponent by using the same device. Once selected, both you and your opponent can select their vehicles/helmets and then you can select the map. On the left side of the screen is blue and on the right is red. Once ready, fight to see who can get five kills first by hitting the opponent's head.