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Garbage Truck Edit

The Garbage Truck is a large truck in Drive Ahead! that carries garbage inside of it.

Pros Edit

  • G
  • It has immense size and bulk.
  • It is one of the strongest vehicles in the game.
  • It is very defensive from behind.
  • It can drop garbage out the back of it, which can slow enemies down or hit their driver.
  • The garbage can be used as a projeyggyuvyuctile.
  • Mediocre downforce, so it can pull up moderately fast.
  • There is a hollow space in the back to trap opponents.

Cons Edit

  • It is not very well protected from the front.
  • It has poor agility due to its immense size.
  • The lid can get you stuck.
  • Garbage bags can fall on its head
  • Slow

Trivia Edit

  • The garbage bag's color is green for the blue as the red garbage truck's bags are brown for the red.

Gallery Edit

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