Goggles is a map in Drive Ahead! that has been in the game since it's release.

Desciption Edit

The Goggles map is an enclosed map, with the lower half made up of sand and upper half made of stone. A small hill exists in the middle of the map. It has a resemblance to a pair of goggles, giving it it's name.

Sudden Death Edit

During Sudden Death, water will rise up from beneath players. The hump in the middle of map provides some higher ground to avoid the flooding.

During King Of The Hill, the water is absent and instead Sawblades lower from above.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to the map's re-design in Version 1.17, the entire arena was made of stone.
  • Double Seesaw is a version of this map, but with 2 spinning platforms.
  • The arena is shaped like a pair of goggles originating the name.

Gallery Edit