Description Edit

The Gunboat is a long vehicle with a propeller at the back and a cannon at the front. There are two wheels on the bottom and the player's head is situated near the back next to the propeller. The cannon will move up and down and will fire occasionally. The Gunboat is one of four vehicles alongside the Amphibian, Hovercraft, and Sharkmobile that can float on water.

Pros Edit

  • The Gunboat can float
  • Shoot bullets
  • Has low down-force
  • Has its head in the back of the vehicle
  • It has decent speed in water

Cons Edit

  • The Gunboat has mediocre speed on land
  • It struggles to go over sharp bumps
  • Bad protection

Trivia Edit

  • The Gunboat is used often by Drive Ahead players in King of the Hill on maps with water in them to survive for long periods of time without dying, due to its special ability to float. Examples would be high scores achieved by players on the maps Mustache, Saucer, and Rift.
  • It and the Amphibian are the only boats in the game
  • It, the Shredder, Gun Truck, Army Truck,Tank, Army Bike, and the Monster Cannon are playable in the mission Space Battle
  • It, the Gun Truck, Tank, Army Bike, Monster Cannon, and the Army Truck's drone are the only cars that can shoot bullets

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The Gunboat floating.