The Hippie Van is one of the many vehicles in Drive Ahead. It was one of the original cars released with the game's launch.

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Appearance Edit

The driver sits at the very front of the van. Behind him, the rest of the vehicle has a roof above it, some small windows on the side of the car. The lower body of the vehicle has the word Love painted on it, as well as a flower. This lower section is blue and the upper section green when used by the player; this would be red and yellow respectively when used by opponents.

Pros Edit

  • It can pull it's front into the air easily to avoid other drivers, rising water or to crush down on the opponent

Cons Edit

  • It only has decent strength for a vehicle it's size
  • It has mediocre speed
  • It's head is in the front

Trivia Edit

  • The Hippie Van is the only vehicle which has words painted on it's side.
  • The Hippie Van and the Tourist Bus are in the mission Hippies!!! are enemies

Gallery Edit