In Drive Ahead, you must use anything in the map, mainly your vehicle, to hit your opponent in the head. However, you must protect your own head at the same time, as the opponent will also have access to a wide variety of vehicles with their own strengths and weaknesses. Learning to use each car is the secret to mastering the game.

Vehicles Edit

The Originals Edit

  • Racecar F1
  • Superstar Dragster (Complete 100 Superstar Missions)
  • Toxic Waste Truck
  • Helmet Car (Get From Machine Prize)
  • Muscle Car (Reach 500 Trophies)
  • Banana Monster (Get From Machine Prize)
  • Superstar Monster (Complete 200 Superstar Missions)
  • Superstar Bike (Complete 50 Superstar Missions)

Halloween Edit

Winter Edit

  • Street Sweeper
  • Snowcycle
  • Ice Glider
  • Snow Coach
  • Dual Snowballer
  • Frosty Car
  • Sleigh
  • Rocket Sleigh
  • Caterdog Sled
  • Dog Sled
  • Snow Truck
  • Penguin Prisoner
  • Penguin Slider
  • Penguin Minions
  • Snowball Tank
  • Electric Reindeer
  • Snowball Monster
  • Krampus Tank
  • Krampus

Alien Edit

Motordome Edit

Dinosaur Edit

Robot Edit

Summer Edit

Chinese Festival Edit

  • Dancing Lion
  • Emperor's Carriage
  • Cloud
  • Dragon (CNY)
  • Dragon Monster (How To Get ?)
  • Zodiacal Dog (How To Get ?)
  • Rocket Ride (How To Get ?)
  • Serpent
  • Dragon Tank (Only Available From Certain Events)
  • Cannon Carriage


Rift Riders/Hot Wheels City (All Bosses have 3HP) Edit

Gorilla Mayhem Edit

Rift Truck

Rift Tank

Rift Motorcycle

Void Truck

Gorilla Fist

Penguin-Larity Edit

  • Crystalliter
  • Freezer
  • Harpoon
  • Mine Lander
  • Kraken's Bait

Aerial Abomination Edit

Tentacle Terror Edit

Udder Chaos Edit

Arachnid Alarm Edit

Rift Riders Special Vehicles(cannot be unlocked)

  • Mini Dino(Udder Chaos only)
  • Mini Tentacle(Tentacle Terror Only)
  • Rift Cloud(Tentacle Terror Only)
  • Bat Eyes(Aerial Abomination Only)

Rift Riders Helmets(cannot be unlocked)

  • Mini Octopus(Tentacle Terror Only)
  • Mini Demons(Aerial Abomination Only)
  • Mini Penguins(Penguin-Larity Only)

Hot Wheels Edit

Note: Hot Wheels vehicles cannot be unlocked as of version 1.94. Any Hot Wheels vehicles you have already unlocked can still be used like normal.

Skeletor's Revenge(Final Boss)

  • Bone Shaker
  • Fangster
  • Tur-Bone Charged
  • Space Car
  • Skeletor's Phantastique

Dino Attack Arena

  • T.Rex-Nator
  • Tricer Truck
  • Moto-saurus
  • Sting Rod 2
  • Bog Zilla

Octopus Attack ArenaEdit

  • Tee'd Off 2
  • Bump Around
  • Gotta Go!
  • Poppa Wheelie
  • Bubble Matic

Shark Attack ArenaEdit

Gorilla Attack Arena Edit

  • Back Drafter
  • Aero Pod
  • Hot Wheels High
  • Street Wiener
  • Time Attack Taxi

Spider Park Attack Arena Edit

  • Radical Racer
  • Skull Crusher
  • Vampyra
  • Scorpedo
  • Speed Spider

Hot Wheels 2017 Edit

  • Tankinator
  • Bone Speeder
  • Double Demon
  • Head Starter
  • Knight Dragging
  • Hot Weiler
  • Mountain Mauler
  • Voltage Spike
  • Roller Toaster

Bosses Edit

  • Spider Pumpkin (3HP)
  • Krampus (7HP)
Phase 1 1HP
Phase 2 6HP
  • Master Eye (3HP)
  • Alien Mothership (3HP)
  • Mega Monster (3HP)
  • Giant Fist (1HP)
  • King Crab (5HP)
  • Emperor Penguin (6HP)
  • Duo Bouncy Laser Tank [DBLT] (2HP)
  • Star Champ :Phases 1,2,3,4 (5+10+15+30 HP) {Total 60 HP)

Trivia Edit

  • The Zamboni was replaced with the Street Sweeper in Update v1.18 for unknown reasons.
  • The Two Sider is the only vehicle that can drive upside down.
  • The Dual Snowballer, Bananna Car, and Bubble Car have the ability to land upside down in certain cases, however, they cannot drive while in that position.
  • The Monster Bus is the largest vehicle in the game.
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