NoThe Monster Truck is a legendary car that has been in the game since launch.

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Description Edit

The Monster Truck is a large bulky car. It has medium-high speed, high acceleration, high agility and tricks, and has high strength. It is one of the strongest cars in the game, overpowered by only the Tank and Steamroller. It has two big wheels at the bottom, as well as some hydraulics. It has a skull on the side, and a small amount of glass in front of the player's head.

Pros Edit

  • Decent speed
  • Good Protection
  • Big Wheels
  • Can perform flips easily

Cons Edit

  • Sensitive handling and control
  • No protection on top

Strategy Edit

If you are seeking a fast car with high strength, good agility and easy handling, then the Monster Truck is for you. The Monster Truck can push most cars around, but the player must be careful against other large cars, as the Monster Truck isn't the strongest.

However, it's high speed makes it a vehicle to beware, as it can charge an opponent in no time. It's agility is what sets it apart from other heavy vehicles. Most of the heavy vehicles rely on mostly crushing the opponent, but in the Monster Truck's case, it's high speed and easy handling make it a vehicle for doing stunts equal to the likes of the F1 Car and Rickshaw.

The Monster Truck is used most efficiently when using tricks and flips to dispose of your opponents. Overall, the Monster Truck is an excellent vehicle, and is clearly one of the best in the game. It appears near the top of most Drive Ahead players' lists, as an excellent all-around vehicle, but mostly doesn't make #1 due to how it can be dominated by the Steamroller and Tank, and how the Dragster and Tank provide more coverage over more vehicles.

Trivia Edit

  • The Monster Truck is the first car available on the car selection screen.
  • The silhouette of the Monster Truck appears on a poster in the background. It reads "Killar".
  • The Monster Truck is tied for the largest tires in the game, as it shares the same tires with the Monster Cannon, the Tractor's back tire, the Compensator Bike's front wheel, and the similar sized but completely different wheels of the Steamroller.
  • The Monster Truck, Tank, dragster and Steamroller are featured in the mission "Flawless Goliath", and are the opponents in the mission "David and Goliath", sometimes regarded as the hardest missions in the game.
  • The Monster Truck is featured in the mission "Monster Mayhem" with the player and all the enemies being Monster Trucks.
  • The Monster Truck is one of the iconic cars of the game Drive Ahead!, along with the F1 Car, Go-Kart, and Wrecking Ball Crane.