Motocross Bike Edit

The Motocross Bike is a low defense, small vehicle unlocked in the Slot Machine. It is one of the worst vehicles of the game.

Pros Edit

  • Fast
  • Agile

Cons Edit

  • Small
  • Can easily trip over and dieover
  • Terrible handling
  • Horrid protection

Strategy Edit

Upon being chosen to use the Motorcross bike, there is not much that you can do but hope to get a better car next battle. However, you can attempt to squeeze a few kills out of it by taking advantage of its speed and flipping over, hitting helmets from above.

Trivia Edit

  • The Motocross Bike is one of few vehicles to actually show part of the player's body. In this case, the entire player's body is visible, and can be seen doing stunts during certain flips.

Gallery Edit


A Motorcross Bike in a battle. It most likely didn't last very long...

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