Prize Machine Edit

In Version 1.47, the slot machine was changed to a prize machine. It is similar to the coin-operated prize

Prize Machine

vending machines in arcades. The cars, helmets, and maps come in boxes. If an item is common, it comes in a silver box, if rare, a blue box, if epic, a purple box, and if legendary, a gold box. Unlike the slot machine, the prize machine guarantees a prize every time you buy it. There is no more betting, and the cost for one box is 250 coins.

This prize machine also added rarities, Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common. The box takes slightly longer to pop open if it is a higher rarity prize.

The design is similar to a claw machine, but without the claw. It is colored red and yellow, and there is a yellow button with a coin symbol. Underneath that symbol, there is the number 250. Next to that button, there is a slot for the prize to fall through. Inside the machine you can see the prize boxes through glass.

Trivia Edit

IMG 2183
  • There is a small chance a cow will appear in the area where the prizes drop out. It is believed that it is because it had came from the background and glitched Into the foreground.

Old Slot Machine Edit

Win a Prize (aka Slot Machine) was a Casino Slot Machine that allowed you to get a car, helmet, or map if you match 3 and you get the car as shown in the picture that you matched! The chances to obtain a prize dropped when you played more and more. However, the higher amount of money you bet (100 to 500 coins), the higher a chance getting a prize.


The slot machine had 3 boxes, each box had a picture of a car/map/helmet. You would press "start" if you were ready, and "bet" to increase the amount of money you would bet.

The minimum chance for 100 coins was 1%. The minimum for 200 was 2%, and it was the same up to 500 with 5%. After unlocking everything the slot machine goes to 0% no matter what bet you chose. If you try to spin it comes up with a message that says: "WOW! You have unlocked everything. New content coming soon!"

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