Quad Bike Edit

The Quad Bike is a vehicle in the game Drive Ahead. The Quad Bike came out in the game's first major update, along with the Rickshaw, Forklift, Ice Cream Van, Hog, Motorbike, Bumper Car, and Hearse. The Quad Bike resembles the real world vehicle of the same name, however, it is far shorter.

The vehicle is not terribly bad, but does not have many advantages, as it is easy to flip over and die, and the player is left quite unprotected from attack. However, if balance can be maintained, the vehicle has high speed and good agility and aerobics.

Pros Edit

  • Fast
  • Good at doing stunts.
  • Strong.

Cons Edit

  • Small
  • Hard to control
  • Will flip over a lot

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