Skater CowEdit

The Skater Cow is a vehicle in the game Drive Ahead. It was released in iOS v1.7, also known as the first Alien Update. The driver sits on top of a cow that is riding a skateboard, the skateboard is blue and green when used by the player or red and yellow when used by the enemy. It has medium speed, nearly no strength, and extremely high suspension, which is its primary weakness. It is often considered by Drive Ahead players to be one of the worst vehicles in the game.

Strategy Edit

There isn't really a strategy for the Skater Cow. It's just plain bad. Why? If it hits something, it'll flip over quite easily, and you'll hit your head on the ground. It also constantly sways, making it difficult to balance and just leaving your head unprotected. Overall, just try to use the Skater Cow's tendency to flip to your favour if you ever get stuck with it. However, expect to lose more rounds than win. Don't speed up too fast either or you'll flip over.

Unlock Edit

The Skater Cow can be unlocked in the Slot Machine.

Trivia Edit

-The Skater Cow is inspired by "The Skating Cow" from "ASDF movie".

-It is one of the vehicles which has a live animal, the other one being the Cattle Truck.

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