Description Edit

"100% organic carrots."

"Stay frosty!"

Appearance Edit

The Snowman helmet has gone through a design change after being released.

The original design sported a white ball for a face, with a black eye and a black diagonal grin that extended through the face. A small black hat protruded from the top, and a large orange stick of pixels represented a carrot as the nose.

The new design sported that same initial design, but the small hat was gone, the grin was smaller along with the eye, and the carrot nose was now much shorter. Also, the color of the snow depended on the player's team.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with the Jack-O'-Lantern helmet, the Snowman is one of two helmets to receive a design change, mostly due to how their respective seasons passed by with new updates filled with content.
  • The Snowman was the first Christmas helmet to be released. It was released in Version 1.4.

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