Stage Objects Edit

Stage Objects are things that appear in maps and sometimes they help you but sometimes they don't, and Fall offs are the objects that can fall from cars. The stage objects were introduced in the game in Version 1.14.

Mines Edit

Mines are objects that appear in almost every map, if something touches them they explode after the mine starts to flash red for three seconds, launching or pushing objects or cars in the air. Sometimes the mines are helpful like throwing objects into the enemy's head but they are also bad in cases like launching you in the air and landing with your head on the ground. More than one mine can spawn on the map and if they are close to each other they can detonate together to create a larger explosion launching the player or the enemy very high and sometimes out of the map. Usually the mines make the wheels of a vehicle fall off.


A mine.


A mine exploding.

Tires Edit

Tires are objects that appear on every map which the player can push into an enemy's head to win. There are small tires and big tires which can spawn on a map.


A small tire.


A big tire.

Ramps Edit

Ramps can spawn on maps like Blades or Double Towers. If the player gets on them he or she will jump in the air with a boost.


A ramp.

Animals Edit

The animals which can be found in the stages of the game are cows and penguins. The cows can be found in the map Pasture. They will move their mouth onto the ground to eat the grass that is on the map.


A cow eating grass.

The penguins can be found in any arctic arena. They will move their hands up and down but when touched they will move them very fast.


A penguin moving its hands.

Fall Offs Edit

The Fall offs are objects that drop from the cars when moving fast or being hit.

The Fall offs are:

-Wheels (every car except Snow Racer and Kicksled).

-Patient (Ambulance)

-Timber logs (Timber Lorry)

-Garbage (Garbage Truck)

-Concrete (Concrete Truck)

-Rocks (Landfill Truck)

-Boxes (Pickup Truck)

-Go-Karts (Car Carrier)

-Coffin (Hearse)

-Giant Ice Cream Cone (Ice Cream Van) (has to be knocked off)

-Golf Clubs (Golf Cart)

-Cow (Cattle Trailer)

-Army Truck Drone (Army Truck)

-Toxic Waste Barrels (Toxic Waster Truck)

-Prisoner (Prison Van)

Trivia Edit


Timber logs falling from a Timber Lorry.

-There is an option to turn off random objects found in the options menu.