Steamroller is a large vehicle that can be obtained from the slot machine and has been in the game since launch.

Description Edit

The Steamroller is definitely the strongest vehicle in the game. It's massive size and heavy weight makes it very hard to push over. The player is positioned safely high above the ground and out of most cars' reach. Direct impact with the Steamroller's front wheel will push most (if not all) vehicles out of its way.

Pros Edit

  • Extremely strong.
  • Good protection from the front and the back.
  • Can drive up and down any terrain.
  • Can drive over almost any vehicle, crushing the opponent.
  • Good acceleration.

Cons Edit

  • Slow.
  • Can't do many stunts due to immense bulk.
  • When saws come down in Sudden Death! The driver’s height can symbolize a problem

Strategy Edit

If you want to win with the Steamroller, try using your strength and size to crush the enemy driver.

Trivia Edit

  • The Steamroller is one of the strongest vehicles in the game.
  • The Steamroller, Monster Truck, Dragster and Tank are the vehicles you play as in the mission Flawless Goliath and they are the opponents in the mission David and Goliath.
  • The Steamroller resembles an older type of steamroller because it has the same wheels in the front and the back which are wheels that smooth the ground when the majority of the real life steamrollers have the smoothing wheel in the front and a normal wheel in the back which allow them to move faster.
  • One Advent Calendar Mission involves the player crushing Gift Boxes .