Appearance Edit

The Timber Lorry is a big vehicle and has a drop off of timber logs. It resembles a truck, with a large forklift area in the back, which detaches to drop wood. The vehicle has two rugged tires and a few pipes at the front.

IMG 2289

Pros Edit

  • Large size.
  • Has a drop off of wood
  • Back can partially detach and stab opponent.
  • Low downforce, so pulls up quickly.
  • Above average strength.
  • Timber logs can be used strategically as projectile or trap.
  • Relatively good balance.

Cons Edit

  • Head is not well protected
  • Logs can sometimes kill the player.
  • Logs can disrupt driving.

Strategy Edit

Try to launch your Logs onto the enemies head if you are having trouble killing them. If you miss, use the back to strike them.

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