Appearance Edit

The Tractor is a fairly large-sized vehicle, with one tire bigger than the other. The user's head is very open to attacks.

Pros Edit

  • It has a big, back wheel
  • It is fast.
  • It has extremely low downforce, one of the best vehicles at pulling up quickly.
  • Its front-wheel can be used as an effective hook to attack the opponent.
  • The tiny engine works as an extremely tiny shield for when you topple to the front.

Cons Edit

  • It's hard to control.
  • The player's head is vulnerable from behind.
  • If the player leans too far back, they will hit their head.

Strategy Edit

Try to do wheelies as much as you can. Doing a wheelie helps you a lot because the back wheel is big, so it can reach up high, and the front wheel is small, so it can fit in tiny places.

Gallery Edit

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